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ReadMore App is a reading habit tracker. The app offers many features that will help you build a habit of reading every day (The app doesn’t contain any books).

  • Daily Reading Goal

    Set a daily reading goal for yourself. You can start small if you are a beginner and then gradually increase it.

  • Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Reports

    Monitoring your reading habit can help you become a more avid reader.

  • TBR List

    Keep a read-later book list so you can jump from one book to another without thinking about what comes next.

  • Favorite Quotes

    Make a collection of inspiring quotes that you can share with others.

  • Completed Books

    Keep track of how many and what books you have read so far by adding them to the ‘Already Finished’ list.

  • Reading Plan

    Reading some books is difficult, so make a reading plan for them. Also, it’ll help you if you areĀ reading multiple books simultaneously.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ReadMore is a reading habit tracker app. You can’t read a book in the app but you can track the reading progress. It’s based on the formula – “You can’t manage what you don’t measure”. Before the app, I used to log my reading progress in a notebook and it helped me immensely develop a healthy reading habit. So I decided to develop the app as a hobby project. From users’ responses, I can see ReadMore has helped thousands of other users too. I am sure it will help you too.

ReadMore app loads books from the Google Books Database. So the book you are searching might not be in their database.

You might have installed the app from another play store account. So try to reinstall it again from the correct account. Also, you can try clearing the cache and data of the Google Play Store App. It works in most cases.

Equivalent settings allow you to auto-convert one field (pages, minutes, percent) into another field. For example, you can set 1 page = 2.5 minutes in the equivalent settings, and then your reading time will be auto-calculated whenever you will update your reading progress in pages.

There’s an option ‘Quit Reading’ in the book info screen under the settings tab. After quitting a book, it will go to a new section ‘unfinished books’. You can always continue these unfinished books later.